"Oltre la maschera", the works of Uberto Bonetti at Gamc

Event type: Exhibitions
When: dal 12/20/2017 al 04/22/2018
Where: Viareggio - Galleria di arte moderna e contemporanea Lorenzo Viani - Via Mazzini 22 - 0584 581118 - gamc@comune.viareggio.lu.it.
More info: 0584 581118
The second of the four major exhibitions to be held from December to spring in the exhibition spaces of the city both at Gamc and at Villa Paolina. The appointment is for Sunday (December 17) with Uberto Bonetti. Beyond the mask, exhibited in the rooms of the Viani modern and contemporary art gallery and open until April 2018. Geri, Bonetti, Menghino and Possenti: four great masters of the '900, a series of works, many of which are only exhibited at the moment of their donation to the city, two splendid places of Villa Paolina and the Viani modern and contemporary art gallery, a single common thread: Viareggio. A project conceived and realized by the Municipality of Viareggio, born in the close collaboration with the families of the artists, thanks to the contribution of the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation.For the occasion also Happy Sunday: l 'display and sale at a special price, the preview of the new collection of bags signed by Gamc and Viareggio even more beautiful, made for the City of Viareggio by the publishing house free zone. The Bonetti exhibition includes works donated by the same artist to the City of Viareggio. Donation characterized by over two hundred and fifty numbers, largely chosen by the author and then finally formalized by the daughters, in 1996. The corpus of the exhibition illustrates all aspects of the varied and multifaceted production of the artist held over seventy years. Viareggio has been for over fifty years, with rare exceptions, the author of the official carnival posters and those of some editions of the Viareggio Prize. Bonetti's exhibition is ideally connected to the exhibition dedicated to Giovanni Lazzarini, Forme e colori in the works of Giovanni Lazzarini, scheduled for Friday, January 26, at Villa Paolina. Finally, an important exhibition dedicated to Antonio Possenti is underway in the spring."Finally the exhibition schedule is back and finally all the exhibition spaces in Viareggio are involved - said the councilor for culture Sandra Mei - the beauty of the historical places, like the Villa Paolina, combined with the beauty of the works, double attraction for anyone who wants to visit the exhibitions, and take the opportunity to see collections that usually and long ago, are not exposed. attention to the viareggina reality and to our great pictorial traction - concludes Mei - a varied cultural offer for what is more than a tribute to the great masters who have projected our city on the stage of international art ".In these days, always at Villa Paolina, Contaminations and reflections in the painting of Loriano Geri, open until Sunday 21 January, during the opening hours of the vil la: from wednesday to saturday from 3.30 to 7.30, on sunday from 9.30 to 13.30 and from 15.30 to 19.30. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Things want to exist

Event type: Exhibitions
When: dal 12/20/2017 al 02/25/2018
Where: Pietrasanta - Chiostro di S. Agostino/La Rocca
More info: Telefono per informazioni: +39 0584 795500 Sito ufficiale: http://www.museodeibozzetti.it
In the tradition of major exhibitions aimed at the enhancement of contemporary art through monumental exhibitions in the most representative public places, Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 12 the town of Pietrasanta inaugurates the personal exhibition Things want to exist of the Tuscan artist Roberto Barni (Pistoia, 1939).Some of the symbolic places of Pietrasanta for about three months will host the project promoted, as well as by the Municipality, by the Versiliana Foundation, chaired by Massimiliano Simoni, artistic director of Start, and with the support of the Poggiali Gallery of Pietrasanta.Throughout the Christmas period, and until 25 February, no less than 17 large patinated bronze works can be admired in Piazza del Duomo, in the Church and in the Cloister of Sant'Agostino side by side, in the latter cases, in interiors, from works on canvas and paper.The work of Roberto Barni is presented through the exhibition of works colarmente iconic made in the last 20 years and here, edited by Enrico Mattei, are collected for the occasion with the title Things want to exist.The works in Piazza del DuomoIn piazza find space Impresa, sculpture of over four and a half meters, Continuo of 1999, Double Controversia of 2017, also of almost five meters, Sadovasomaso, Impresa and Walking on the Cross that have accompanied all the recent poetics of the Tuscan artist, including the presence in the Basilica of Santa Maria dei Frari during the 2017 Venice Biennale, and which are gathered together for the first time because "things want to exist given that between being and not being there are the entities themselves, in this case the sculptures, which decide to be present "as the artist himself says because" they have intrinsic strength ".The works in the Sant'Agostino complexSculptures appear throughout the exhibition they self-determine theirs space: in Sant'Agostino appear men in a basket, Capogiri d'Oro of 2017, for the first time in a public exhibition after the Basilica dei Frari in Venice and in the Cloister the Celeberrima Atto muto, whose first version had been presented at the the entrance of the Gardens at the Venice Biennale in 1988. Since the sculptures, similarly to things, want to exist, they find space, like apparitions, Adagio, which manifests itself in the garden of Sant'Agostino, Remar Contro or NSC in the Church of Sant'Agostino.For the occasion the exhibition catalog will be created with texts by Alberto Boatto and Enrico Mattei, and the latter, among other things, writes: "My curiosity about the research Roberto Barni's sculptural has always been addressed on the embarrassing situations of his men, a small serial and inexpressive army that moves through an underlying disquiet ". And again: "the common denominator of these sculptures is their style, which is not to be recognized, but to know, as the artist explains. On their skin you can read the imprint of Roberto's hand which becomes his resistance to emptiness ".Opening Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 at 12 pmOpening hours: 4.00pm - 7.00pm | closed on Mondays; Saturday and Sunday 10.00am - 1.00pm 4.00 pm - 7.00 pmSpecial openings:Friday 8 December 10.00 am - 1.00 pm | 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm Monday 25 December 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm Monday 1 January 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm


Event type: Exhibitions
When: dal 12/20/2017 al 01/26/2018
Where: Viareggio - Musei Civici di Villa Paolina Bonaparte - Tel. 0584 966342 - 0584 966346
More info: 0584 966346
Geri, Bonetti, Menghino and Possenti, four great masters of the '900 for as many exhibitions that will be set up from December to spring in the exhibition spaces of the city.A roundup of works, many of which shown to the public only at the moment of their donation to the city, will be hosted in two places symbol of the municipal culture: Villa Paolina and the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery Lorenzo Viani. The main theme of the exhibitions will be Viareggio, the place where all four artists have lived and inspired.The first exhibition titled Contaminazioni e riflessi in Loriano Geri's painting will be inaugurated on the day Sunday 10 December at 11:00 am at Villa Paolina and can be visited until January 26.Loriano Geri was born in Viareggio where he lives and works. Since his debut (1953) he has participated, with considerable success, in important art events both in Italy and abroad winning numerous awards.CONTAMINATIONS AND REFLECTIONS IN THE PAINTING OF LORIANO GERIViareggio, Civic Museums of Villa Paolina, via Machiavelli 210 December 2017/26 January 2018From Wednesday to Saturday 3:30 pm/7:30 pm, Sunday 9:30 am/1:30 pm and 15:30/19:30

The Saturdays of the Garden return to the Garden of the Snail for adults and children

Event type: Events for children
When: dal 01/20/2018 al 03/10/2018
Where: - Giardino della Lumaca
More info: Emilio Bertoncini 3477016556
The Saturdays of the Garden return to the Garden of the Snail of Pietrasanta. Saturday, January 20 starting at 10.30 large and small you can have fun with the potato plantation, some "seasonal readings" and a solidarity snack offered by Bottega del Sur. The initiative organized by the Bottega della Rocca and Ecoland as part of the project Pietrasanta child-friendly will be an opportunity for the whole family to spend some pleasant hours outdoors and in contact with nature. All participants are asked to bring two potatoes of a particular shape, color and consistency (those that are on the market to be eaten are fine), an eventual reinforcement for a snack and a book for children.info: Emilio Bertoncini 3477016556. The next events are scheduled for February 10th and March 10th.

Festa della Canzonetta and the dialectal theater

Event type: Theatre and Dance
When: dal 01/24/2018 al 01/27/2018
Where: Pietrasanta - Teatro Comunale di Pietrasanta - 0584795511
The curtain rises on the Festa della Canzonetta and the Dialectal Theater. From Wednesday 24 to Saturday 27 January, at 21, the twelve districts will compete on stage with music and vernacular. 62 players will be involved in the 12 scenes presented. With dongiovanni nullafacenti, sons and daughters, characters from the short arm, Pietrasanta celebrates its dialectal theater. Let's go into detail.The Africa-Macelli district presents "The horns are like pains, those who have it if they keep them", text by Antonio Meccheri, interpreters: Marina Lorenzoni, Luciana Luisi, Antonio Meccheri, Angelo Polacci and Mauro Tommasi. The district Antichi Feudi presents "Dolci visioni ...", text by Lia Gabrielli, intepreti: Daniele Del Giudice, Rita Lia Gabrielli, Fiammetta Lenzetti, Cesare Tarabella. The Brancagliana district presents "Edattidichè ... all'improvviso", text by Roberto Panichi, interpreters: Elena Fiaschi, Francesca Maggi, Riccardo Mastromei, Giovanna Tartarelli. The district of Tiglio-La Beca presents "La casa sulle ruote", text by Alberto Del Forte, interpreters: Ursula Biagi, Anna Maria Falsinotti, Baldo Frediani, Ferdinando Petroni, Angelo Rovai. La contina La Collina presents "Chi mi vole ???", text by Gabriele Quadrelli, interpreters: Riccardo Bianciardi, Massimo Fracassini, Carmen Quadrelli, Ambra Viviani, Renza Viviani. La Contrada La Corte presents "A disaster leads to another", text by Tiziano Barattini, interpreters: Stefania Bacci, Anna Balduini, Tiziano Barattini, Mila Polidori, Vanessa Tognetti. La Lanterna district presents "Down the mask", text by Maicol Viti, interpreters: Francesca Benedetti, Alberto Da Prato, Alessio Da Pratio, Arianna Gazzanelli, Maicol Viti. The Marina district presents "Everybody with su chè but neither of people ... strange", text Piero Bazzichi, interpreters: Gianmarco Baldi, Maurizio Baldi, Piera Bazzichi, Giuliana Bonci, Raffaele Navari, Riccardo Sarti. The Pollino-Traversagna district presents "What color is it?", Text by Giovanni Castelli, interpreters: Marino Bacci, Mattia Baldacci ,. Serena Bertozzi, Antonino Pecoraro, Sabrina Politi. The Pontestrada district presents "Il sisero di Pontestrada", text of the Allegra Combriccola Pontestradina, interpreters: Federica Bertellotti, Paolo Garibaldi, Marco Maggi, Cesare Poli, Alessandro Silicani, Jessica Silicani. The Contrada Strettoia presents "Pietrasantini docche", text by Ezio Marcucci, interpreters: Luciano Baldi, Alessandro Biagi, Stefania Lieto, Jonathan Milani, Luciano Pardini, Marco Silvestri, Leonardo Speroni. The district Valdicastello presents "Toh, look who's there", text by Giovanna Piloni, interpreters: Alice Bresciani, Costanza Guarducci, Klara Noemi Kallai, Nico Neri, Francesco Tomagnini.What will the order be? presentation of the scenes?On the evening of Wednesday, January 24 they will perform: Brancagliana, Il Tiglio-La Beca, La Lanterna, Pollino Traversagna; Thursday, January 25 will perform: Strettoia, Pontestrada, Valdicastello and Marina; Friday, January 26 will perform: La Collina, La Corte, Antichi Feudi and Africa-Macelli. In the final evening the three finalists will be presented again.


Event type: Viareggio Carnival
When: 01/27/2018
Where: Viareggio - Viali a Mare - http://www.f-8.it
More info: Tel. +39 0584 58071 - Fax +39 0584 580771 - fondazione@ilcarnevale.com
Flag-raising ceremony1 ° MASKED OPENING OPENING COURSEThe world's largest allegorical wagons parade on the Viali a MareAt the end Extraordinary pyrotechnic show

"From Coltellacci to Delafia", Barghetti and Domenici in concert at Maki Maki

Event type: Concerts
When: 02/02/2018
Where: Viareggio - Maki Maki - 0584 383645
More info: Maki Maki tel. 0584.383645
There are songs that remain indelible over time, especially if associated with the culture of a place and popular traditions, and those of Adriano Barghetti and Gianluca Domenici fall into this valuable category as they are real tormentoni that at each carnival, in Viareggio, echoing magically in the air making the multitudes sing and dance in festivity.The two artists, both songwriters and musicians, will be for once exceptionally together in concert, for an evening-event that will be staged next Friday, February 2 at the Maki Maki of Viareggio.Among the various songs we will be able to listen, sing and dance "Le mi 'grannies", "I coltellacci", "The Twist of the boys", " I'm going to Mexico "," Masks to caremiccio "by Barghetti and" Delafia "," Il Samba del Viareggino "," Il mambo del lucchese "," The rock of Zoria "and" Il ballo del Maccioni "by Domenici. In addition to other songs and surprises that the two histrionic songwriters keep in reserve for an evening - with a follow-up ball - in the name of the most carefree joy.The show starts at 10.15 pm and is totally free admission .For those who want to secure the best seats and enjoy an excellent dinner before and during the show, they can book their table at the local Darsena viareggina (Maki Maki phone 0584.383645): there will be a sea menu and one of land, both at 25 euros including drinks.Who knows if there will be some 'cutlery' among the dishes and if the 'Maccioni wine' will be served ...


Event type: Viareggio Carnival
When: 02/04/2018
Where: Viareggio - Viali a Mare - http://www.f-8.it
More info: Tel. +39 0584 58071 - Fax +39 0584 580771 - fondazione@ilcarnevale.com
2nd MASKED COURSE The biggest allegorical floats in the world parade on the avenues at sea


Event type: Viareggio Carnival
When: 02/11/2018
Where: Viareggio - Viali a Mare - http://www.f-8.it
More info: Tel. +39 0584 58071 - Fax +39 0584 580771 - fondazione@ilcarnevale.com
3 ° MASKED COURSEThe largest allegorical floats in the world parade on the avenues at sea


Event type: Viareggio Carnival
When: 02/13/2018
Where: Viareggio - Viali a Mare - http://www.f-8.it
More info: Tel. +39 0584 58071 - Fax +39 0584 580771 - fondazione@ilcarnevale.com
4 ° MASKED COURSE night of Mardi GrasThe biggest allegorical wagons in the world parade on the Viali a Mare


Event type: Viareggio Carnival
When: 02/17/2018
Where: Viareggio - Viali a Mare - http://www.f-8.it
More info: Tel. +39 0584 58071 - Fax +39 0584 580771 - fondazione@ilcarnevale.com
5 ° MASCHERATO COURSE night CLOSINGThe biggest allegorical floats in the world parade on the Viali a MareAt the end proclamation of the winners and extraordinary pyrotechnic show
events service: www.laversilia.it